Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Different Kinds of Hacking

Hacking might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity’. Whether the result is a quick-and-dirty patchwork job or a carefully crafted work of art, you have to admire the cleverness that went into it. An important secondary meaning of hack is ‘a creative practical joke’. This kind of hack is easier to explain to non-hackers than the programming kind.

Kinds of Hacking

Hack (computer security) to break into computers and computer networks

Hack (computer science), an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem

Hack (programmer subculture), participation in a computer programmer subculture

Hack (hobby), heavy modification of the software or hardware of one's own computer system

Life hack - productivity techniques used by programmers to solve everyday problems

What the Hack - a hacker conference held in Liempde, The Netherlands

ROM hacking - the process of modifying a video game's program image

MIT hack - a clever, benign, and ethical prank or practical joke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Hack (Unix video game)

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